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Hazelnut Mocha

Hazelnut Mocha

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Looking for a sweet and comforting scent to get you through the winter?  Hazelnut Mocha has you covered! This candle combines the warm scents of hazelnut, peppermint, and mocha with the delicious aroma of chocolate. It's like getting a hug on a cold day or sipping on a latte by the fire. Relax and enjoy the cozy warmth of Hazelnut Mocha!



Top: Hazelnut, Cinnamon, Peppercorn

Middle: Peppermint, Coffee, Black Cardamom

Base: Chocolate, Cream, Chestnut

Burn Time

** Burn times are calculated on standard use. The exact times may vary **

Mini Candle

• Burn time (approx.): 9h

Classic Candle

• Burn time (approx.): 32h


Coco-Apricot Creme Wax
• Clean burning
• Made from coconut, apricot, and food-grade parrafin wax.

• Biodegradable and non-toxic.
• 100% carcinogen, mutagen, toxin, and phtalate free.

Wooden Wicks
• Our X wooden wicks are eco-friendly and clean-burning.
• Made from FSC Certified Wood in the US.  

Concrete Vessels
• Handpoured concrete
• High strength, durability, and low shrinkage

Dimensions & Weight

Mini Candle

• Wax weight (g) : 60
• Total product weight (g) : 201
• W x H x L (cm) : 6.5 x 5 x 6.5

Classic Candle

• Wax weight (g) : 220
• Total product weight (g) : 482
• W x H x L (cm) : 9 x 8 x 9

Classic Lid
• Total product (g) : 113
• W x H x L (cm) : 9 x 1.2 x 9

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